Cultural Transformation In The AI Era

Adriana Torres Nava – VP & COO North Latam and Efucartec Founder Capgemini, Mexico 30 years of experience in IBM, TATA & SAP transforming organizations with success stories. CEO, CIO, COO, businesswoman, transformational leader, strategist and philanthropist, Adriana is a promoter of education, human values ​​and technology, as pillars to support the sustained growth of […]

Why 2021 was a breakout year for Latin America’s VC ecosystem

In 2018, Marcelo Claure, COO of SoftBank Group and a native of Bolivia, realized something peculiar. The Vision Fund, SoftBank’s nearly $100 billion vehicle, was making investments in China, Southeast Asia and India, but there were no Latin America-based companies in the Japanese conglomerate’s portfolio. “We were puzzled,” said Shu Nyatta, a managing partner at SoftBank who […]

Expocomer Overview Video:


This is an excellent video overview of the Expocomer event and Panama for business and lifestyle.  Once you watch it you will be that much more interested in attending.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MiCI) Supports AI-LATAM:

Minister Richard Kilborn announces his support for Expocomer and AI-LATAM.  “The combination of a technology conference such as AI-LATAM and Expocomer will further showcase Panama to the world.  Our infrastructure and location make Panama one of the premier data hubs in the world.

Expocomer Colocation Announced

AI-LATAM will be collocated within the esteemed Expocomer event.  The 20-year Expocomer event will have 1800 exhibitors and expects 20,000 attendees from the region.  This traffic will significantly increase exposure to AI-LATAM exhibitors and sponsors.

Over 100 Exhibitors Expected

AI companies from around the world will be present. From breaking news to in-depth interviews and features, our content is designed to break down the implications of AI in all of its forms.

AI-LATAM 1000 Visitors Expected

With support of the government, industry, and businesses throughout the country and region we expect 1000 visitors. Hear from the brightest minds and get exclusive insights into pioneering AI projects from all corners of the industry.