The LATAM Business Development Conference

February 22-23 2023, Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Attendees/Exhibitors Include

Over three hundred LATAM CEOs,

LATAM Focused VCs,

LATAM Business Accelerators & Incubators

LATAM Bankers, Lawyers, Consultants, Leading Technology Solutions & More




Fundraising, Growth Management, Capital, Resources, Technology, Networking and the AI-LATAM VC Pitch Day.

This 1.5 day, physical event will be hosted at the Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation on February 22-23, 2023. Sponsored by AI-LATAM, and the Alan B. Levan NSU Broward Center of Innovation.

This is the first event of its kind to gather LATAM business development resources into one place, on one day.  Whether you want to enter the US, or sell to LATAM, or start your company in Florida, you will find valuable information and contacts at this event. Hear from leading business incubators, VCs, banks, and governmental bodies that provide assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs that want to do business throughout LATAM, Florida and the US.  Meet professionals familiar with LATAM including accountants, lawyers, marketing, HR, and sales companies.  Level up your artificial intelligence and technical solutions. Exhibitors can plan on meeting over two-hundred CEOs and their senior staff that are looking for solutions to their challenges. Held in beautiful South Florida, the event kicks off with a networking reception at 4 PM and then a day of meetings and visiting the professionals below from 9-4.  There is not a formal speaker lineup in order to allow more time for valuable meetings.

Miami is fast becoming the tech hub of the Americas. 
Between 2017 and 2021, Florida added 119,000 jobs in the tech and e-commerce industries. In 2020 alone, Miami startups raised close to US$1 billion in venture funding. The next year, Google pumped US$31 billion in the form of economic activity for hundreds of thousands of Florida businesses.


US/Florida/LATAM Business Incubators and Accelerators & VCs

Hear from the best business incubators and accelerators in the US and Florida.

best accelerator

Latin American Business Development Incentives

Featuring business development zones and incentives From
Brazil, Panama, Columbia, Mexico, Peru,
the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras,
Guatemala and more. Representatives from each
country will explain their programs.


A.I. Technology Solutions for CEOs

Meet leading artificial intelligence providers in the fields of cybersecurity, machine learning, and spatial A.I.

A.I. Technology Solutions for CEOs

Meet leading artificial intelligence providers in the fields of cybersecurity, machine learning, and spatial A.I.


Banking, Legal, Accounting, Management, HR

Meet top counsel and services for your business that focus on LATAM specifically.

get-your-startup-the-boost-that it needs

VC Pitch Room

Select companies will be chosen to present their business plans to top VCs that focus on LATAM. (Invitation Required).

For More Information:

Attending: Only 250 attendee tickets are available. 

Exhibit/Sponsor: Only 60 exhibitors are allowed. Tabletop exhibits are $1500 each and include two event tickets. Three Platinum sponsorships are available at $4000 each.

Please email the appropriate contact:

For more information please contact:

Robert Fletcher, CEO,  

Manny Gonzalez, Chair, ASELA-USA,  

Camilo Padron, President, ASELA-US,