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A premier global AI congress, brings together more than 2,000 global leaders in business, government and academia from over 80 countries to impact economic and social development through the exchange of policies, practices, trends and ideas.

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The top AI companies in the world will be present.
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V I S I O N . A I

Learn how computer vision AI is being used on vehicles, airport aprons, security, loss prevention, employee biometrics, and more.

V O I C E . A I

Voice AI subjects will include virtual assistants, telehealth, biometrics, customer service, call centers and more.

E T H I C A L . A I

Hear from leaders in the space that will discuss diversity, inclusion, bias and more.

D A T A . A I

Training Data, BERT/GPT-3 Models, Oceans of Data, Annotating Data, Storing Data, Multi-Modal Data… all will be presented.

C L O U D - E D G E - I o T . A I

Edge computing is predicted to be 5 times as big as cloud computing.  Latin America is better for edge than cloud because of wireless coverage.  Learn best practices in both cloud and edge/Iot.

I N D U S T R I A L . A I

Manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, drones, and more will be presented.

A G R I C U L T U R E . A I

Agricultural AI is a natural fit for the LATAM markets. Learn about AI solutions and automation throughout the ag supply chain.

L O G I S T I C S . A I

Recent supply chain disruptions can be mitigated by AI.  Learn how.

E D U C A T I O N A L . A I

AI is already turning education upside down. Learn what AI Use Cases apply to .edu and where the major breakthroughs are.

S M A L L B U S I N E S S . A I

AI is not just for large businesses. Learn what AI solutions even small corner businesses can use in telephony, employee management, risk management, employee reduction and more.

C H A T B O T . A I

Chatbots, VoiceBots, Natural Language Understanding and Processing (NLP/NLU), Sentiment Analysis, Ecommerce Support, Customer Service… all great use cases for chatbots that will be presented. Learn how to deploy a smart BOT quickly and cost effectively.

R E T A I L & E C O M M E R C E . A I

Retail and Ecommerce AI are projected to impact each of our lives on a daily basis. Come learn about both large and small scale solutions.

H E A L T H C A R E . A I

Learn the most recent and important advances in AI for Healthcare.

S A L E S & M A R K E T I N G. A I


Connecting marketing, sales and customer experience.


To see their effect on the local environment, global warming, as well as the pollution level.


Adapt to new environments rapidly with minimal supervision of human experts.

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Panel Discussion on the Digital Transformation for Small to Large Manufacturers

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A premier global AI congress, brings together more than 2,000 global leaders in business, government and academia from over 80 countries to impact economic and social development through the exchange of policies, practices, trends and ideas., un importante congreso mundial de IA, reúne a más de 2000 líderes mundiales en negocios, gobierno y academia de más de 80 países para impactar el desarrollo económico y social a través del intercambio de políticas, prácticas, tendencias e ideas.

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Expocomer Overview Video:

This is an excellent video overview of the Expocomer event and Panama for business and lifestyle. Once you watch it you will be that much more interested in attending.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MiCI) Supports AI-LATAM:

Minister Richard Kilborn announces his support for Expocomer and AI-LATAM.  “The combination of a technology conference such as AI-LATAM and Expocomer will further showcase Panama to the world.  Our infrastructure and location make Panama one of the premier data hubs in the world.

Expocomer Colocation Announced

AI-LATAM will be collocated within the esteemed Expocomer event.  The 20-year Expocomer event will have 1800 exhibitors and expects 20,000 attendees from the region.  This traffic will significantly increase exposure to AI-LATAM exhibitors and sponsors.

Business, Networking, Fishing, Golf.. who could ask for more!

Not only will the show be informative, deals will be done, and fun will be had. Reconnect and network with your industry peers and engage in strategic conversations on how to prepare for an AI-powered future.

Over 100 Exhibitors Expected

AI companies from around the world will be present. From breaking news to in-depth interviews and features, our content is designed to break down the implications of AI in all of its forms.

Expocomer Colocation Announced

With support of the government, industry, and businesses throughout the country and region we expect 1000 visitors. Hear from the brightest minds and get exclusive insights into pioneering AI projects from all corners of the industry.